Contact Information

Osterman Research, Inc.
PO Box 1058
Black Diamond, WA 98010-1058
United States of America
Phone +1 206 683 5683

What We Do


We provide timely and accurate market research, cost data and benchmarking information to technology-based companies. We continually gather information from IT decision-makers and end-users of information technology. We report and analyze this information to help companies develop and improve the products and services they offer to these markets or to internal customers.

Custom Survey Research


Osterman Research conducts custom survey research on IT-related issues with both IT professionals and end-users. The core of our research capability is our survey panel, a well-qualified group of IT professionals and end-users that have provided information to us about their IT infrastructure and corporate profile. Based on our primary research, Osterman Research can provide just the results of our research and our analysis of it, as well as white papers, webinars and other deliverables. 

Multi-Client White Paper Programs


Osterman Research publishes white papers on a variety of cybersecurity, data protection and information governance issues. Early subscribers to these white paper programs can submit questions for the surveys that are conducted for each program.