• Introduction

  • As global digital transformation continues at an unprecedented rate, business leaders increasingly find themselves in need of guidance on how to make this transition as seamless and inexpensive as possible. Companies must not only keep up with technology and meet heightened consumer expectations, but also control costs and scale business growth. This requires a blend of people, processes, and technology working in unison to help build a winning strategy, brand, and culture. 
  • A key part of today’s digital business strategy involves managing data in the cloud. As the new currency, data is key to understanding the direction of the business and the behaviors of consumers. The surge in data has also made it critical for companies to quickly find, manage, and analyze their datasets to derive real-time business insights. Turning structured and unstructured data into actionable outcomes while keeping up with the responsibilities of running a business is both complicated and expensive. The question then immediately arises: How are today’s business leaders supposed to easily find and subscribe to third-party data solutions in the cloud? 

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