5 Things to Consider When Choosing an MDR Provider

How do you know if adding MDR services is the right move for your organization? Gartner suggests that you consider a MDR provider if you need remotely delivered modern 24 x 7 SOC functions and there are no existing internal capabilities or if you need to accelerate or augment existing capabilities. You should also consider a MDR provider if there is no one in-house to respond to threats that require immediate attention. We recommend the following criteria when evaluating MDR vendors:
● Technology Stack: What tools are you using now? Can your MDR provider make you better while leveraging some of your existing investments?
● Fits with Your Policies: Does the MDR provider’s containment approach integrate with your organization’s policies and procedures?
● Monitor On-Premises & Cloud Assets: Can they support your on-premises and cloud environments?
● Custom Reports Including Compliance: MDR providers should provide custom reports including those needed for compliance
● Real-Time Alerts Backed by Human Intelligence: Does the MDR provider have a fully managed and monitored log? Can they provide real-time alerts? Are the alerts reviewed by experts to only alert you when action is needed to stop an attack?
● Incident Response and Remediation: Does the MDR provider offer incident response capabilities? Can they help minimize losses and prevent future incidents?
● Experience with Your Industry: Do they have experience with your industry? Do they work with other organizations that are similar in size to yours?
When you are looking for a new vendor, you want to find the one that works best for your organization. Whether they specialize in your industry, are able to integrate with your current technology stack or are able to monitor your cloud environments.
The right MDR vendor will fit into your organization and current security protocols. They will actively hunt for and identify threats across your endpoints, networks and access management tools.

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