that digital transformation has created a massive influx of information; data is everywhere, all the time, and it’s not slowing down. With this influx of data, everybody expects to be able to access and use new information to inform day-to-day decisions and quench their business curiosity. And now, modern business intelligence has lowered the barrier to entry to widespread, secure, and governed data access and analysis. Today’s analytics platforms not only help organizations get more value from their data, but empower more people to visually explore data and share their insights. 

Traditional BI has primarily served to illuminate the known unknowns; users ask specific questions and IT-led reporting provides them answers, repeating the cycle with new questions to get additional insight. Modern BI has opened new doors for users across all skill levels to explore unknown unknowns—to not only ask and answer their own questions, but to arrive at impactful insights that they weren’t initially seeking. All the while, the modern analytics platform balances business agility with IT’s need for security and governance

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