6-Part Framework to Improve Employee Experience

One of the most powerful assets a business has is also one of its least tangible. Employee experience (EX) is a crucial influence on business performance. Positive EX strengthens an organization. Negative EX undermines it.

But defining and quantifying EX is difficult. It’s the sum of every interaction an employee has with their company. Every conversation, every tool, every day. If employee engagement is a measure of how employees respond, employee experience is how they feel.

The benefits of employee experience are well known. Organizations that invest most on EX earn double the return on sales compared to organizations that least focus on it. Good employee experience influences positive customer experiences.

Despite its value, EX is rarely formalized. Activities are often ad-hoc, without set objectives. Measurement of results are cursory, if they are measured at all.

Employers have a significant opportunity to drive their business through focusing on EX – and to avoid the effects of a poor EX.

In this article we’ll share with you what good EX is, how to improve it and how to measure it. And we’ll provide you a free guide with a comprehensive framework you can use in your employee experience platform immediately.

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