8 Ways to Modernise Data Management


The days of data being narrowly defined as highly structured information from a few specific sources are long gone. Replacing that notion is the reality of organisations looking to leverage a wider variety of data types and structures coming from multiple sources. All of this is in service of providing everyone from IT to line-of-business (LOB) employees, to C-level executives with insights that can have an immediate and transformative impact.

Effectively using and managing information is critical to pursuing new business opportunities, attracting, and retaining customers, and streamlining operations. However, these needs create an array of workload challenges and increase demands on underlying IT infrastructure and database systems that are often not up to the task.

This eBook presents eight ways in which enterprise architects and CIOs can modernise their data management to overcome information architecture challenges and identify new business opportunities, with included opinions from industry analysts and real-world customer experiences.

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