9 Principles For A Better Company Password Policy

Ask yourself two questions when crafting these rules: Are they strong enough to thwart potential hackers? And will employees actually follow them? Because if they’re too weak, your company will still be exposed. And if they’re too complicated, many employees will shrug their shoulders and continue to use weak passwords, or re-use the same password for all of their corporate devices and accounts.
If you’re struggling to find that balance, or not sure where to begin, this guide will help.
As a general rule, passwords should never be reused. If an employee uses the same set of characters to log into everything, they’re putting your business at risk. Imagine they signed up for a new social network at home. Then, six months later, that service was breached and every user’s password was leaked onto the internet. Criminals could theoretically discover the affected employee’s password and use it to log into their work accounts.

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