A blueprint to take small business banking customers back from the fintechs

"If you feel like your bank is bleeding small business accounts and services to new fintechs, you’re probably right. Square, PayPal, and Venmo have grabbed more business because their services intuitively fill small business needs: They’re seen as convenient; they don’t require face-to-face interaction, and they’re easy to understand at a single glance. Small business customers see them as a critical part of their financial
management—and you as another part."
In short, small businesses no longer see banks as “full service.”
Read the new e-book “The Autobooks Guide to SMB Banking” for a simple roadmap to take back the full-service
mantle. It lays out a clear messaging structure that you can apply immediately to your own small business
banking page to address the actual pains of small businesses and show how you solve them. Its research-based,

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