DelGrosso’s pasta sauce is based on an Old World recipe brought to Pennsylvania in 1911 when Marianna Pulcino immigrated to America. The recipe was passed down to her daughter, Murf, and her husband, Fred DelGrosso. Over the past six decades, and with the help of their seven children, they have grown the business and watched it flourish. DelGrosso’s is among the most highly regarded producers of fine sauces and the oldest major family-owned manufacturer of pasta sauce in the U.S.
In addition to world-class sauce, the DelGrosso family owns and operates an amusement park near their saucemaking facility. What started as just a small dance floor and picnic grove in 1946 has grown to include the latest rides, an extensive water park and expanded concession stands and food offerings – all featuring delicacies created by the DelGrosso family. Todd Walters, the director of IT for DelGrosso’s, has been working with the company for 17 years. His team is responsible for everything from strategic planning through implementation and support of various systems including networking, wireless connectivity, and the warehouse ERP system. In this capacity, he has watched and helped the organization grow from having just three computers to approximately 400 units across the entire business campus.

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