A hybrid and multi-cloud strategy for architects

The advantages of the public cloud are compelling, and digital transformation and cloud initiatives are expanding rapidly. The elasticity, scalability, and speed of deploying applications in the public cloud can contribute directly to an organization’s ability to drive business growth and reduce costs while managing data growth and increasing agility. Moving to the hybrid or public cloud, however, can present challenges:
• Architects need to understand the technical, business, and ecosystem differences between cloud
providers, appreciating variations in terminology, customer life cycle, required skills, and costs.
• Organizations need to transition smoothly from existing datacenter environments without being
restricted to the offerings of a single cloud provider or becoming encumbered by unnecessary
cloud vendor lock-in.
• To support productive developers and operations, organizations must choose the right hybrid
cloud platforms and tooling while ensuring availability, reliability, and security for the long term.
With a proven track record creating reliable enterprise products around innovative open source projects, Red Hat is an ideal partner to help ease and accelerate your move to the cloud. We offer a comprehensive infrastructure platform that enables on-demand deployment of compute, storage, and networking across on-premise and public multicloud resources.

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