A No-Brainer Cost Model for Moving File Storage to Nasuni and Google Cloud

Legacy file infrastructure involves a lot of moving pieces that incur (and sometimes hide) a number of capital and operational costs. Enterprises can reduce or eliminate these costs by shifting to cloud-based file storage. When developing a cost analysis for such a migration, it’s important to account for all costs — both hard and soft — to be sure you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison. Unfortunately, this comparison is not as simple as comparing TB costs for on-premises file storage to TB costs for cloud file storage. Organizations of all sizes benefit by switching from legacy, on-premises file storage to Nasuni cloud file storage, which uses Google Cloud Archive object storage as its back end. Doing so can consolidate NAS and file server silos, enhance cross-office file sharing, improve data protection, reduce operational inefficiencies, and eliminate capacity limitations. But what about cost savings?

If you embrace a cloud-first approach and have to make the case to internal stakeholders that modernizing your file infrastructure is imperative to remain agile and competitive, having cost savings on your side, too, will help seal the deal. Across the board, the cost savings stemming from a switch to cloud file storage are impressive, in large part because expenses that are the norm in a legacy system are either reduced or eliminated.
To get a clearer picture of how much your organization could save with such a switch, this paper provides a breakdown of the typical costs associated with refreshing on-premises file infrastructure as compared to modernizing with Nasuni. While we typically help customers do this comparison by conducting a Business Value Assessment, this paper goes into the details on how to calculate the hard costs and soft costs of each approach yourself. Also included is a worksheet with calculations that you can customize. Of course, you can always contact us and we can conduct an assessment for you at no charge.

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