A step-by-step guide to successfully launch and sell online course

Whether learning how to be the best first-person shooter in PUBG or learning to hack like Mr. Robot from the hit series of the same name, name it, and you have a course for it online. With more people staying at home in 2020, people have had time to invest in skills contributing to their job or exploring their passion.
Capitalizing on this opportunity, the fast-growing e-learning platform, Udemy, started releasing courses targeted based on user search. Fast-forward to September 2020, Udemy was named one of the top 50 companies creating a change in the world by equipping any learner with any course they need to make the future they want.
The e-learning industry, valued at $107bn in 2015, is projected to grow to $243-billion by 2022. As technological advancements in healthcare, education, information technology, and retail/eCommerce grow, the e-learning industry, which caters to professionals in these industries, grows and is expected to reach a whopping $325bn in 2025.
In this guide, we’ll take you through the five steps that will not only help you launch a successful e-learning business but also set up a seamless subscription engine for your eager customers.

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