Beyond Spreadsheets: Achieving Collaboration, Automation, Data Accuracy, and Efficiency

Few software packages have had the staying power of Microsoft® Excel®. Spreadsheets certainly have their uses, and there’s no doubt they’ll remain a crucial part of the enterprise toolkit. But as processes, data sets and operations become ever more complex, organizations in project-based industries will likely find spreadsheets come up short for key processes.
In our latest Clarity Survey, we asked hundreds of architecture and engineering (A&E) firms across Europe and APAC about their use of spreadsheets and manual processes. And 76% admitted accounting and finance were completely or mostly reliant on spreadsheets to operate.
To learn more about the shortcomings of spreadsheets, and what alternatives are available, we spoke with finance and technology leaders from A&E and consulting companies. Whether you’re dealing with challenges around spreadsheet flexibility and reliability, data double-handling and redundancy, or governance and security, this white paper will help you assess what other options are available.

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