Adapting IT operations to uncertain times

Back in 2019, who could have predicted the drastic changes coming to every part of business? Yes, continuity and service scaling plans were in place; but only to deal with the expected IT disruptions (weather, fire, earthquake, malicious attack) and planned needs (R&D projects, M&As, growth, software platform changes). And some of us even thought we had outages under control.
This quickly evolving COVID-19 pandemic—with entire workforces confined to their homes, fluctuating technology access needs, and rapidly evolving initiatives—has introduced stresses on IT operations management that were never anticipated.
For many, the crisis has revealed IT systems and software management weak points. Siloed data and technology, manual processes, and inconsistent administration are long-standing issues in legacy IT infrastructure library (ITIL) frameworks. But now that business resiliency expectations are sky high, these shortcomings can’t be ignored or tolerated.

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