Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enable new levels of speed, insight, and automation, AIOps is transforming the way technology operations are managed at organizations of all kinds. The AIOps revolution comes at a critical time for telecommunications businesses, as operators face new pressures around quality, cost, and scale resulting from the move to 5G, the emergence of new business and operational models, and rising customer expectations. That’s especially true in an increasingly software-defined world. As network and IT technologies converge, it makes sense to use common management tools and operational processes across both domains—and to put the artificial and machine learning innovations pioneered on the IT side to work for the network. But while there’s certainly tremendous potential for AIOps to drive value, it’s not entirely clear to many operators how best to proceed. Which tactical use cases are most practical as a starting point? What technologies and capabilities are needed to put AIOps into action?

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