• Introduction

  • Strong strategic alignment has never been more vital for organizational success than right now. It’s also never been more challenging. We’re on the edge of a monumental shift in the way we work as we prepare to leave behind rigid, annual goal setting in favor of a more agile, transparent approach to rallying around key objectives. In this environment, workers need a clear line of sight to strategic objectives and focus on their own goals to meet them. 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t kick off this change, but it did accelerate it. We surveyed senior-level leaders to learn how they prioritize and facilitate strategic alignment at their organizations and found that 38% of respondents began using a strategic alignment model to enable performance three to five years ago. In this context, strategic alignment refers to how an organization intentionally deploys its resources in support of its strategy. In comparison, 35% started in the past three years. Of companies that began using strategic alignment software in the past year, 77% said the pandemic directly influenced their decision.


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