Annual APIs and Integration Report 2021

For modern organizations, having a highly connected IT environment is a must have. The need for integration – between different systems, applications, departments and individuals - has never been as important as it is today.
Many organizations are already using technology to help them to combat this challenge. APIs, integration and microservices systems are growing increasingly common and delivering a series of highly valuable benefits to organizations, with hybrid solutions (on-premises and cloud) now organizations’ clear preference for integration.
However, as we will see, integration demands are growing further still, and organizations are pushing to use more sophisticated solutions. Looking at APIs, integration and microservices systems as separate technical tools is no longer good enough – the future for organizations is a bundled solution that incorporates all of these together.
The expected benefits from such a solution are considerable and this could prove to be a genuine differentiator for organizations in the coming years that are able to find a solution that enables this.

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