Every marketing team has unique requirements.
Historically, this has led to an over-reliance on Marketing Service Providers to manually build custom implementations and custom integrations. But how do you maintain and expand this as new requirements come up due to growth, acquisitions, new channels, or just new needs overall? Wouldn’t it be better if marketers had direct access to data for segmentation and reporting? And for businesses that rely on direct mail and cataloging, wouldn’t it be better to be able to directly access, enhance, and fully utilize offline data?
Acquia CDP’s Difference
Acquia CDP offers a revolutionary way to solve these challenges. As an enterprise SaaS platform and customer data and engagement hub, Acquia CDP incorporates any unique requirements as configurations within the Acquia CDP platform itself – providing both out-of-the-box configurations that provide immediate value, plus infinite configurability to meet unique needs. Acquia CDP eliminates the need for an MSP—liberating marketers from the cycles of lengthy MSP engagements, the back and forth of data pull requests, and the compromises made when data sits in the “black box” of an MSP.

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