Automation An IT executive’s guide to automation The need for transformative automation

Organizations across industries face unprecedented pressure to deliver services more quickly and securely than ever before IT plays a crucial role in meeting these demands, but it can serve as a blocker if it can’t keep up with demand or is not scalable.
Automation can help organizations better position themselves.
It allows them to take advantage of opportunities by:
Moving faster.
Operating with more predictability and efficiency.
Propelling them into new ways of working that give them a competitive edge.

A virtual magnifying glass has been put on business problems or gaps that perhaps weren’t obvious before.
Organizations are either thriving and expanding, maintaining the status quo, or contracting—and sometimes all at once in different areas of the business.
As such, business leaders are eager to find new ways to:
Gain competitive advantage.
Get to market faster.
Improve customer experience.
Change internal processes

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