Better security and resiliency with cloud migration

If you’re like most businesses, your data has likely expanded and your reliance on it has increased. With this shift, an on-premises or collocated data center becomes increasingly challenging to maintain. Aging infrastructure stretches capital expenditure budgets, remote work is becoming increasingly common, and adequately protecting your business with reliable backup and security is stretching your team’s limits.
Chances are that the constraints of the on-premises datacenter already are, or will soon be, impacting your ability to support key business goals. But you’re not alone—forty percent of businesses your size cited outdated skill sets in IT as
a key barrier to meeting business and technology priorities. When combined with the cost, inflexibility, and lead times to get new hardware, the initial benefits of the on-prem data center just don’t add up anymore. Many small and medium-sized businesses find the on-prem data center is difficult to scale, a burden on IT resources, and less reliable.
Cloud levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses by providing you access to the latest infrastructure and services you need to run your current workloads. With the rise of hybrid work environments, the access to IT services and network capacity through the cloud is providing an affordable way to unlock new possibilities for efficiency, reliability, and expansion. Moving your datacenter to the cloud helps your business reduce upfront costs, use internal resources more efficiently, and much more.
This eBook is intended to help decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses understand the benefits of migrating data and applications to the cloud. You’ll learn:
Why businesses of all sizes are migrating their on-premises and collocated datacenters The benefits of a cloud migration
How to evaluate whether the time is right for a cloud migration The basics about how to get started

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