• Preface

  • Every industry, company, and consumer has been impacted by arti‐ ficial intelligence (AI). According to The State of AI 2019: Diver‐ gence, 1 in 10 enterprises currently use 10 or more AI applications. According to Gartner, 75% of businesses are expected to shift from piloting to operationalizing AI by 2024. How many AI applications does your company currently operate? 
  • AI has the potential to provide productive, efficient, and innovative solutions to our everyday problems, but it comes with its risks. We’ve seen multiple examples in the past few years of alleged bias in AI. One high-profile example was the Apple Card/Goldman Sachs scandal in 2019, where what started as a tweet thread with multiple reports of alleged bias eventually led to a regulator opening an inves‐ tigation into algorithm prediction practices at Goldman Sachs. And this isn’t an isolated instance; there have also been reports about Amazon’s biased hiring algorithm, racial bias in healthcare algo‐ rithms, and bias in AI for judicial decisions. 

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