Build vs Buy

Every software company wants to save money and reduce risk.
On the surface, developing niche solutions internally seems like it could be a clear way to achieve both of those
goals, but the reality is far muddier. When it comes to feature flagging, it’s possible your development team has already created a somewhat sufficient internal tool… for now.
Looking ahead, unless your organization experiences the sort of stratospheric growth that allows you to devote a team of engineers to the internal feature flagging solution, it will start buckling under the weight of scale. When it does, more internal resources will need to be poured into the solution to keep it functioning correctly.
And when you are experiencing a surge of demand for your product or service, do you really want your developers focusing their attention on patching the overall software release process versus just releasing quality software?
When it comes to feature flagging, LaunchDarkly is the clear leader in the space, with a range of features—such as advanced targeting, feature workflows, kill switches, and comprehensive analytics— that just work. The real magic isn’t in the software features we provide, however, it’s what our customers are capable of achieving after implementation.
Impacts our customers have seen, on average:
9x increase in deployment frequency
27% decrease in time to release new features 90% achieve MTTR of less than a day
93% change fail rate below 15%
We’d love to help your team ditch your internal flagging tool and start fundamentally changing the way you deliver software. Worrying about a software launch was yesterday’s problem, and your organization has bigger problems to solve. Here’s a bit more about how we can help.

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