Executive summary
  • Technology is disrupting the way we do business
    “Digital disruption” has become an oft-used term, some would say cliché, but it neatly encapsulates a major phenomenon affecting every company today – the way in which innovative technology is de-stabilising the business world."
    Disruptive technologies that are in wide use include cloud computing, mobile payments, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things (IoT), blockchain (for cryptocurrencies), medical innovations like hand-held ultrasound devices, 3D printing, drones, renewable energy and virtual reality. New technologies that are not yet widely deployed or are still being tested include autonomous cars, blockchain (for broader use beyond cryptocurrencies) and 5G mobile networks.
    Digitalisation is about people using drones, submersibles or IoT sensors to gather information more easily than before. It is about the ability of computerised machines to see, feel, touch and smell the physical world. It is about collecting data and using artificial intelligence to analyse it and make decisions.

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