Building a Talent-Centric Staffing Organization: The Hospital's Guide for Flexible Staffing Transformation

We live in a talent-centric world. In this world, it’s no longer possible to treat staffing as an administrative function, or something that can be outsourced; smart staffing strategies must be leveraged as a key differentiator in the war for talent. While forward-thinking companies like Google and Apple have set the pace, establishing themselves as a top choice for incoming waves of talent, healthcare has lagged behind in its ability to leverage competitive staffing strategies to source, hire, and retain the next wave of talent.

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic amplified existing staffing challenges, serving as a final straw for many organizations already struggling to maintain safe staffing levels. Today it’s clear – it’s no longer possible for hospitals to maintain the status quo while mitigating ever-rising staffing costs, and avoiding clinician burnout. Dramatic changes must be made to attract and retain top talent.

Find out how this guide delivers recommendations for teams looking to improve their workforce technology and achieve a more flexible and dynamic staffing strategy in a way that reduces operational disruption. Topics covered include:

  • Why the time for transformation is now
  • Critical software capabilities for the modern staffing organization
  • Three considerations for a successful software implementation

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