Your enterprise architecture should drive innovation. Not limit it.

The digitalization of the customer journey continues to accelerate. Customers want and expect relevant, personalized experiences on a brand’s website and across branded channels. Trying to meet these expectations often reveals an inconvenient truth:
This legacy architecture – which is neither agile nor open – reflects an outdated paradigm focused on building and maintaining monolithic sites. Not only does it make innovation very resource-intensive and slow things down, it can mean that brands struggle to innovate at all. The result is an innovation gap. Bridging this gap calls for a new approach to enterprise architecture.

Today, brands need a “composable” architecture. In this model, defined most recently by Gartner, packaged business capabilities serve as the fundamental application building blocks for the entire enterprise. “Composability” extends from the application layer all the way through to the experience layer. And it lets brands leverage composable content, composable data, composable design and composable journeys to fuel composable engagement.

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