Buyer’s Guide for Modern Web-Scale Backup and Recovery

2020 changed everything. Remote work has accelerated cloud adoption and further pushed workloads to become increasingly distributed while economic realities are limiting budgets and the status quo is being challenged. A key realization is emerging: traditional approaches to backup and recovery are no longer sufficient for most organizations.
Companies have discovered that their existing tools are not keeping pace with other advancements in their IT environment, such as a software-defined infrastructure that spans hybrid and/or multicloud deployments or software as a service (SaaS) , which seek to reduce operational complexity and help deter the surging total cost of ownership.
Today’s backup and recovery landscape is littered with separate legacy point products for backups, target storage, and long-term data retention. It’s a complex environment to manage since each of these silos is designed on proprietary hardware and/or software packages that typically have their own management tools, upgrade cycles, and maintenance and support contracts. And, these systems only have one purpose, an expensive insurance policy. The data sits in dark silos, only available for recovery.
At the same time, as cracks have begun to appear in the backup and recovery foundation, organizations are creating and consuming more data than ever before. As the saying goes, “data is the new currency” for enterprises, and it’s exploding all around us. Organizations across the globe are experiencing a data deluge, with the quantity of data increasing at an accelerating rate as new types of information are assimilated into existing data management systems.
No longer are companies retaining only traditional routine business data. For some companies, the need to retain and manage human-generated data is paramount. But today, businesses are also absorbing data from a myriad of sensors and machines. And these devices are distributed across the enterprise.

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