CFOs Eager to Expand Globally but Face Pressing Resistance


There is near-universal agreement among CFOs that the ability to capture market share through global expansion is a hot button for their stakeholders. However, mounting concerns over rising wages, talent, and international affairs are causing companies to rethink their globalization strategies.

The findings of this research are based on the fourth annual CFO survey conducted by Globalization Partners and CFO Dive between March and April of 2022. The data showed that the key focus area for international expansion is the United Kingdom, followed by the Asia-Pacific region, North American region, and the European Union. While CFOs are looking to expand their companies into these areas, none of these regions are safe from global concerns like inflation pressures and talent retention.

That’s what you’ll find in this report – an opportunity to turn resistance into resilience. We’ll dive deeper into what is worrying CFOs and tap into expert insights to help global CFOs find their way forward to meet business objectives.

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