Comprehensive Cloud Security

Across industries, the cloud is transforming the way organisations communicate and collaborate—internally as well as with customers and partners. By accessing one centralised communications system in the cloud, businesses can leverage the benefits of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony combined with productivity features such as team messaging, online meetings, mobility, and more.
This document describes the comprehensive cloud security employed by RingCentral to help protect customers from growing cyber threats, eavesdropping on voice communications, toll fraud, non-compliance with privacy regulations, and other security risks.
It details a multilayer cloud security approach that extends from physically secure and audited data centres to intrusion detection systems to advanced voice encryption technology.
The need for comprehensive cloud security The 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report by Skyhigh Networks found that organisations use approximately 1,935 cloud services each, although most think they only use 30. However, doubts persist when it comes to whether the cloud is secure enough for core enterprise applications. According to IDG’s Cloud Adoption
Survey in 2018, one of the primary concerns that inhibit cloud adoption remains security . Moving your business communications and collaboration solution to the cloud means sending confidential voice conversations and sensitive data over the public internet and allowing sensitive or protected data to reside outside your firewall. Additionally, today’s mobile and distributed workforces require access to the corporate phone system anywhere and from any type of device—and more and more that means an employee-owned smartphone, laptop, or tablet. These workers have also become accustomed to the convenience of using internet applications such as file hosting services, which are notoriously uncontrolled.

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