Continuous Delivery in the Wild

Continuous Delivery is a set of technical practices that allow delivery teams to radically accelerate the pace at which they deliver value to their users. The core tenet of Continuous Delivery is keeping your codebase in a state where it can be shipped to production at any time. By working in this way, you can quicken the tempo of production changes, going from infrequent, big, and risky deployments to deployments that are frequent, small, and safe.
A lot of the discussion around Continuous Delivery focuses on the cutting-edge practices advancing the state of the art. In this report, we will instead look at how a variety of organizations have implemented Continuous Delivery in the real world. We’ll look at some of the common approaches these organizations have found helpful. We’ll also see how there are multiple ways to achieve the same goal, depending on the organizational context. My hope is that after reading this report you’ll come away with some actionable ideas for how to implement, or improve, Continuous Delivery within your own organization.

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