Creating Organizational Agility

If you work in IT, you understand Agile. It’s been a cornerstone of how your teams work for almost two decades now and it has given you the ability to deliver solutions that better meet your clients’ needs, often in less time and for less money. In recent years you have doubtless also been involved in discussions around some form of scaled Agile – the extension of Agile principles and approaches to program and portfolio levels of organizations, and to functions beyond project execution. But there’s another development that you may not be so familiar with – organizational agility. It has similarities to Agile, but it’s not the same. And as an IT leader it’s going to impact you. Big time.
In simple terms, organizational agility is the ability to build an organization that can adapt and adjust quickly to a changing operating environment, with minimal disruption. It involves active monitoring of the external factors that impact an organization – suppliers, competitors, customers, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, etc. and identifying the threats and opportunities that those changes create. It then requires organizations to respond to those threats and opportunities in such a way that the organization consistently delivers optimal performance.

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