Institutions across the country continue to wrestle with a turbulent period of transformation, indecision, and strategic maneuvering. To address and triage a crucial missing component—reduced in-person learning—the clear strategy is to adopt new technology in order to facilitate remote learning. While this necessity solves an arguably temporary problem, what remains is a critically important call to action. With higher education’s evolution comes a rare opportunity— a chance to reevaluate, rediscover, and realign on the value propositions that make your institution stand out. 
An ongoing existential dilemma After the majority of higher education institutions have pivoted to a hybrid, hyflex, or fully remote-learning model, the playing field will be more leveled. Institutions that traditionally relied on regional appeal or charming historic campuses will have lost their golden ticket. Even prior to the pandemic, differentiation was a monumental task that went largely unnoticed.

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