What are the top use

cases for these various device

management deployments in 

the enterprise?

MDM can address a broad set of use cases where businesses want to control how mobile devices are used by workers. This is primarily focused on the corporate-liable model of mobile, where the smartphones are owned and paid for by the organization. MDM is popular in scenarios where the employer does not want personal data or activities not related to work happening on the smartphone. 

EMM, which encompasses MDM functions, can address the corporate liable model but also the BYOD model where an organization may not want to actually control the device itself. This involves the extension of mobile application management or mobile content management to the smartphone, managing just apps and data on the phone, but not the underlying device itself. If the user were to quit or leave the organization, the phone would go with them, as well as his or her own personal data and apps; sensitive business data or access to corporate apps is removed. 

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