DevOps maturity, automation, and AI/ML

EMA research shows that 85% of midsized companies and almost 100% of all large organizations self-describe as being active in DevOps at varying levels of maturity. In doing so, they frequently reference agile techniques used much more often in development than in deployment. 
Understanding that DevOps is a dynamic mix of people, technology, culture, and processes, EMA often uses the level of automation as a reliable, informal gauge of DevOps maturity for a few reasons: 
 • Automation presupposes the existence of solid processes and the cross-domain collaboration required to put them in place. It suggests that an organization has moved from small, agile teams to an enterprise-spanning teams-of-teams approach. 
• Automation delivers DevOps benefits at enterprise scale when built on a unified platform that enables end-to-end views, workflows, processes, and actions.

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