E-Signature & It Operations: Working Together To Boost Overall Performance For Your Business

Today, across all areas of an organization, digital transformations are occurring. More compute power is operating in a hybrid manner across the Cloud and on-premise. Artificial intelligence and smart devices are creating whole new elements of computing. And all of these technologies are radically changing how processes, workflows, and tasks are done within businesses.

But there is one area that has become a choke point for digital transformation and like some of the earliest hurdles, this one involves paper. This is a little surprising, as the move from paper to digital documents and content is usually the first step to transformation for most businesses.

While many have noved paper documents in most areas, there is still a heavy reliance on paper processes when it comes to getting contracts, sales deals, and other important business processes signed and approved. And this reliance on getting documents physically signed is slowing down business deals, reducing regulatory compliance, and costing organizations time and money.

Aberdeen research has found that leading businesses have been able to overcome this paper log jam through the adoption of e-signature technology. E-signature platforms generally refer to solutions that facilitate secure and binding digital or "electronic" endorsement of documents.

While adopting an e-signature solution may seem like a simple logistical upgrade-signing anywhere and on any device clearly carries more utility than simple paper endorsements that would have to be printed, scanned, faxed, or mailed the impact is far more transformative.

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