Effective strategies to boost your mobile app downloads

With smartphone usage crossing over 3.6 billion consumers globally in 2021, it is a huge opportunity for brands to promote their apps and get captive audience.  

Consumers are constantly using their phones today be it at home, at work, in bed, while eating etc. So, what is everybody doing on their phones? A recent research by eMarketer suggests that an average adult spends more than 4 hours on mobile internet, with over 88% of their time is spent on apps.

This is exciting news for anyone who owns an app or is planning to develop one. But in order to be successful as an app owner, it is imperative that the users download your app and engage with your app regularly.  In order to achieve these two seemingly simple steps and compete in a multi-billion dollar app industry, it is important for brands to reach the right audience on the right platforms. 

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