Eight Must- have Features for a Subscription Billing Software

Subscription businesses have seen rapid growth in the last decade. From meal kits to airlines, the shift to subscriptions has been prominent across industries. One of the reasons behind this popularity is recurring revenue. Subscription businesses regularly bill customers every month or year, which lends some predictability to their revenue streams. But as these businesses scale, subscription billing gets more complex. Think about all the prorations, upgrades, downgrades, and pausing or reactivating subscriptions. Home-grown and legacy system billing systems with limited functionality aren’t built for that complexity. An automated subscription billing system built with the various subscription pricing models in mind can streamline your complex billing workflows without breaking a sweat. Take Doctify, for example. Implementing a subscription billing software instead of relying on manual processes made a world of difference for Doctify’s revenue operations. If you are looking for subscription billing software, you must have many questions; the most important being: What are essential features of a subscription billing software that will help my business maximize its revenue potential? In this article, I have enlisted eight essential features of subscription billing software.

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