Enabling Seamless Ethernet to the Field with 

10BASE-T1L Connectivity

10BASE-T1L is a new Ethernet physical layer standard (IEEE 802.3cg-2019) that was approved within IEEE on November 7, 2019. It will dramatically change the process automation industry by significantly improving plant operational efficiency through seamless Ethernet connectivity to field-level devices (sensors and actuators).
10BASE-T1L solves the challenges that, to-date, have limited the use of Ethernet to the field in process"
automation. These challenges include power, bandwidth, cabling, distance, data islands, and intrinsically safe
Zone 0 (hazardous areas) applications.
By solving these challenges for both brownfield upgrades and new greenfield installations, 10BASE-T1L will
enable new insights that were previously unavailable, such as combining process variables, secondary
parameters, asset health feedback, and seamlessly communicating them to the control layer and to the cloud.
These new insights will awaken new possibilities for data analysis, operational insights, and productivity
improvements through a converged Ethernet network from the field to the cloud.

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