Enter the Purpose-Built Database Era: Finding the right database type for the right job

Data is a strategic asset for every organization. As data continues to exponentially grow, databases are becoming increasingly crucial to understanding data and converting it to valuable insights.
IT leaders need to look for ways to get more value from their data. If you’re running legacy databases on-premises, you’re likely finding that provisioning, operating, scaling, and managing databases is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. You need modernized database solutions that allow you to spend time innovating and building new applications—not managing infrastructure.
Moving on-premises data to managed databases built for the cloud can help you reduce time and costs. Once your databases are in the cloud, you can innovate and build new applications faster—all while getting deeper and more valuable insights.
Migrating to the cloud is the first step toward entering the era of purpose-built databases. But once in the cloud, how do you know which types of databases to use for which functions? Read on to learn more about purpose-built database types—and how you can ensure a smooth transition into an era of innovation, performance, and business success.

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