ESG & Sustainability Trends in C-Suite in 2021: The Winners, Losers, & Future Outlook

For decades, companies were able to avoid speaking on delicate current issues, like climate change, social inequality, or fair working conditions. Today, it’s far from optional; publicly-traded organizations must discuss and invest in ESG or risk incurring significant economic costs.
We know most companies today are making serious ESG investments. But to what extent is the C-Suite really updating shareholders on sustainability topics? Which industries are discussing ESG, and more importantly, which ones are staying silent?
In this report brought to you by SAP and AlphaSense, we analyze and break down earnings transcripts in 2021 to discover:
The ESG topics that are top-of-mind for C-Suite in 2022 and which have been surprisingly deprioritized How sustainability compares to other business topics like digital transformation or procurement
Which industries are committed to ESG and how it’s trending in each industry
Bonus: this report also includes executive perspectives from AlphaSense's CEO and SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer. Download today!

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