Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right Modern BI & Analytics Platform

Don't evaluate modern analytics with traditional BI criteria
Traditional reporting and distribution tools can’t offer the transformative speed to insight or the self-reliance of a
modern approach to business intelligence with interactive, visual analytics. The transition to a modern BI model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach that includes the business in all aspects of the overall program.
This guide focuses on the platform evaluation and selection, covering:
Prerequisites for evaluation, including data source access and role representation
Core platform attributes to factor in your assessment, including integration and accessibility, ease of use, user enablement, and more
Evaluation criteria and considerations across critical roles at each stage of the modern analytics workflow Evaluating data and content governance capabilities
Evaluating analytics platforms for transformational value
Where to find additional resources to help you in your modern BI evaluation journey
How to use this evaluation guide
This evaluation guide aims to support IT organizations as they evaluate and select a modern BI and analytics"

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