Evolve into a Multi-Faceted Strategic Partner

Today’s executives expect more from PMOs than ever before to create business value by driving efficiencies and fueling growth strategies in the midst of continuous change. This goes beyond delivering projects on time and on budget.
Approaches that have served PMOs well for years can hinder a business that needs agility, flexibility, and innovation. PMOs that find it hard to adapt face dissolution or are relegated to run-thebusiness projects.
While your PMO has achieved the first steps of success, your stakeholders are counting on
you as a PMO leader to continue the journey. Consider these questions:
• Does your PMO focus on standards and processes above all else and cling to typical
PPM methodologies and tools?
• Is your PMO taking a leadership role in the business or does management avoid your
PMO except for administrative project tasks?
• Is your PMO able to communicate business value by touting only “on time and on
budget” metrics?
• Can your PMO pivot work and strategic direction at a moment’s notice (with ease and in
lockstep with the business’ needs)?
• Does your PMO support the way agile teams and others in the organization are working?
• Is your PMO in danger of being marginalized, disbanded, or restructured?
Your response to these questions may be an indication that it’s time to plan your next move.
Build on initial successes and evolve into a “Savvy PMO” that helps your organization create and sustain business value

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