F5 Networks

  • Headquartered in Seattle, F5 Networks (F5) has been providing services and security to protect enterprise-grade applications for more than 20 years. Its customers span all sectors and include 48 of the Fortune 50 enterprises. The application delivery services company also helps its customers migrate from on-premises deployments to multicloud environments. 
  • Located in 85 offices across 43 countries, its more than 5,800 employees help customers ensure the delivery, performance, and availability of applications. F5’s products improve manageability, strengthen security, enhance scalability to control load-balancing, ensure availability, and provide failover. 
  • “Containers and microservices are becoming more important for our customers as they adopt new pricing and new consumption models,” said Matt Quill, Senior Strategic Business Development Manager at F5 Networks. “We’re also seeing an increase in customers’ desire to adopt automation to realize the efficiencies of cloud providers.”

From Red Hat

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