Farmer Boy prepares for the future by replatforming to BigCommerce 

    • For over 30 years, Farmer Boy has been one of the leading companies in the agricultural industry, offering animal handling and housing, pest control, medications and protective equipment for bovine, swine, equine and poultry farms. Their customers range from large commercial operations and familyowned and operated mid-sized farmers to hobbyists who have a small homestead set up in their backyard.

      However, Farmer Boy is not simply a transactional business. The company focuses on building long-term lasting relationships with their customers and within the communities where they operate.

      While Farmer Boy had an online presence, it didn’t represent the sheer number of products for sale, nor did it truly convey the value-added services the company provides to their customer base. Most importantly, the website didn’t promote the resources and knowledge that a multi-generational family-run business brings to the community

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