Rapid growth in business and technology across Asia Pacific has created a massive interest in international businesses wanting to expand their presence and globalize in the region. Asia Pacific offers tremendous opportunities, including profitability to offer products and services to a large number of prospects who make up 60% of the world population. 
Yet, many companies looking to enter the market are experiencing difficulties finding key business players from their contact data to even make introductions. The Asia Pacific market is one of the most difficult places to acquire data as there are so many languages and cultural issues (and hundreds of data providers claiming to have accurate B2B data). It makes this region the hardest to find the prized golden record. A golden record is a single master record for all critical data and is the source of truth. In the marketing context, it relates to having the most reliable record for an individual at the point in time. So what information do we need to know in order to get reliable data in Asia Pacific? 

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