FM: Long-term building compliance after COVID-19

The ongoing vaccination programme and the removal of all workplace restrictions has provided UK businesses with the opportunity to consider a post-pandemic world.

However, for many, emerging from the pandemic won’t entail a simple return back to ‘before’. The pandemic has left lasting change across the country – a legacy dubbed the ‘new normal’ that will continue to impact societies, businesses and the economy moving forward.

The facilities and estate management industry has a key role to play
within this changing paradigm.

As people get used to life just over two years after the first lockdown, the ability of key economic and social hubs, such as the workplace, to accommodate the return of the masses will shape the lives of many in the months and years ahead.

Taking the right steps to ensure the seamless return of people to
buildings, and their continued safety, is therefore paramount.

This white paper discusses the importance of safety in reopening and running sites, and the considerations that need to be taken in order to achieve compliance.

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