The second article of the “Future of the Security Operations Center (SOC)” series discusses what is arguably the most important component of a SOC—its people. Geared towards cyber security practitioners, including those who are just beginning their journey in security operations, as well as SOC leaders who are wrestling with finding the desired balance between outsourcing and insourcing their operations, this article conceptualizes the problems and reimagines solutions for the people side of your SOC. 

This is a new phase of the digital revolution where network edges are extended to a point of entanglement with the physical world, expanding hybrid and an increasingly multi-cloud core—all of which necessitates a rethinking of the SOC workforce model. What are the most effective ways to maximize the time (the most precious of commodities) spent by the SOC workforce into measurable security outcomes of the organizations they serve? Can the tiered SOC model be evolved and adjusted enough to respond to the demands of today or is the time ripe for a new paradigm?

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