Key Findings

  • Disaster recovery budgets were expected to increase in 2020, with 50% of organizations expected to spend more than 7% of their IT budgets on IT DR. However, during fiscally challenging times, DR is one of the first areas looked at for cost reductions.1
  • Many publicly available articles and vendors muddle the definition of DRaaS by conflating actual DRaaS (a service) with the components of DRaaS (e.g., automation, replication tools and cloud providers). This confuses organizations trying to select potential vendors.
  • Hundreds of providers in the market claim to be DRaaS vendors; however, most merely provide a patchwork of glorified hosting or infrastructure as a service, fronted by a commercial off-the-shelf replication tool. Better providers have industrialized their offerings and invested in value-added service components that ensure application recovery.

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