Proven Examples of How to Utilize Your CDP

    • A critical element of investing in a CDP is understanding and documenting how you plan to use it. Defining use cases upfront will help your organization align around a goal, process, and outcomes. From getting buy-in from executives early on and helping stage proofs-of-concept with outside teams to dividing up responsibilities and delivering quick ROI, your first use cases will shape the perception of your CDP initiative across the organization. There’s no single “correct” first use case; where you begin depends on the specific business challenges your company is trying to solve. Understanding the expected outcomes and how you’ll get there from an early stage is important for a product with as much potential and flexibility as a Customer Data Platform. 

    • On the next page we show a maturity curve and use cases that are common at each of the stages. Again, your organization may look different - but this is a helpful framework to get started if you need help.

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