Getting Started with Subscription Billing Software

Billing is a process that dates back to about 3000 BC when the Mesopotamians used the cuneiform script on clay tablets to record transactions. And since then, it has remained an integral component of a business. Billing also plays a pivotal role in customer relationships, apart from the obvious function of getting the cash register clinking. It ensures that the customers get to know what they pay for, when, and why. And in a business where it gets promoted from a one-off affair to a recurring event, it becomes all the more noteworthy. For a subscription business, billing software is the hub of the subscription wheel that holds multiple spokes (like subscription management, billing, invoicing and accounting, payment processing, fraud management, et cetera) together. It ensures that the wheel keeps spinning smoothly and steadily so that your business can efficiently climb the mountain of growth. And this guide is all about helping you do just that - get on the right billing launchpad.

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