Starting from scratch is hard. Restarting when you are big and growing can be even harder

After SonicWall’s organizational changes, the Vice Presidents of Global Human Resources, Bryce Ashcraft and Sarah Chapman, had a big task ahead: setting up everything an HR department has to manage, including recruiting systems and onboarding processes. 
“We had to basically build from the ground up at the same time we were experiencing unprecedented international growth,” said Ashcraft. “The challenge was, essentially, that you’ve got a company that has existed for 25-plus years, and we’ve got to continue supporting the operations and managing our talent as seamlessly as possible.” 
But things get even more complicated when you consider that over its 25-plus years, SonicWall had already established local presences in many countries. This meant that newly transitioned SonicWall employees were located all over the world.

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